To say that our centre is pleased to have Alysha on our staff would be a gross understatement! As a wellness, weight loss, and fitness consultant, the knowledge she’s acquired, and her commitment to helping individuals accomplish their goals, is second to none! In her tenure as a wellness consultant Alysha has assisted numerous individuals improve their health and, because of her background she’s also able to assist individuals in respect to fitness and athletics.

She is certified through the International Sports Sciences Association of Santa Barbara, California, as a Specialist in Fitness Training, in Sports Conditioning and a as Specialist in Performance Nutrition. She is versed in Plyometric Training, Supplements and Ergogenic Aids, Interval Training, and Dynamic Stretch.

Alysha’s expertise has taken her throughout North America and Europe as the Off-Ice Coach for the Czech National Hockey Team, Brian Daccord’s NHL Prospects Goaltending camps, Jeff Serowick’s Proambitions Hockey camps, as well as the Elite European National Ice Hockey teams.

She is very passionate about healthy living and certainly “practices what she preaches” which is evident in the life she lives. She’s a competitive short-distance runner with a full time doctor (Dr. Bartosh), coach Phil Thompson USATF, training partner and sponsor (Pro-Active Wellness & Injury Centre) and is her own nutritionist. She currently competes in and has won some of the top 5k events in the U.S.

Now that you know a bit more about her, she awaits your call and stands ready to educate, inform, encourage, support and guide you along the way to a “lighter”, happier, healthier you. So call our office today, and schedule your free, no-obligation consult with her to achieve your goal of becoming a healthier, happier, younger looking and feeling, you!