Pro-Active Wellness & Injury Centre in Danville IL.

In Sept 2015 I broke out with a small hive on my stomach, after a week or so my entire body was covered relentlessly everyday. The only “life change” I could attribute to the timing was a dental filing (metal). After spending almost a $1000 in co-pays and blood work ,my route with the 3 different doctor’s (primary, allergist, endocrinologist) ended with no conclusive answer or solution. From Sept 2015 – February 2016 I suffered terribly … not only from the hives but my side effects from the OTC meds and prescribed meds. I was really starting to lose interest in almost everything in my life. It was a very DARK time!

My mother and I had been patients of Dr. Bartosh at Pro-Active Wellness & Injury Centre in Danville, IL in the past for other things and my mom suggested I give it a shot.

I cannot express the gratitude I have for not only his expertise but the time and energy he has spent with me. After confirming several of my thoughts (gut feelings) about the situation, he narrowed it down to cleansing my body from the metal toxicity. After only 6 days my hives cleared. I could hardly believe and was fearful to “just in case” they came back. Now after 7 weeks I am and have been completely clear. I am so thankful for answered prayers and his knowledge and understanding.

Thank you Dr. Bartosh!!!

Melissa L.

Melissa Leigh
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