4/5/17- I was in a car accident last April and from the car accident I had multiple different types of pain all throughout my right hip all the way down to my toes. It was a constant numbing and tingling, mixed with excessive muscle and nerve pain. It was to the point where I didn’t want to do anything. I was a very active person so not wanting to do anything anymore was extremely depressing to me and even my attitude because I just was not happy anymore. I thought I would have to live with the constant numbing and burning sensations in my leg for the rest of my life. So my husband and I drove out to see Dr. Bartosh. He took so much time with me and put so much energy into helping me achieve true freedom with my body. Within a day I could tell there was a significant change. Three months later I am now training for a 5k and exercising daily. I am PAIN FREE and so happy again!! Thank you, Dr. Bartosh =)

-Lara A, PA


3/10/17- My husband and I traveled to Illinois from Pennsylvania to meet with Dr. Bartosh. We were both experiencing some physical discomforts, that while not keeping us from daily activities, sometimes made doing them painful. We were a little skeptical traveling such a distance but Dr. Bartosh came highly recommended from our son and daughter in-law who have been patients for the past few years. When we arrived, Dr. Bartosh spent the morning getting to know us and hearing our physical concerns. He reviewed with us the results of blood work that we had done prior to the appointment with him and made suggestions to improve our health and well being through nutrition and exercise. I had hip pain and knee discomfort and my husband had shoulder pain as a result of a car accident. Dr. Bartosh observed my right knee to have 2 torn meniscus. He then made adjustments and realignment to my right ankle, knee and hip and immediately the pain was gone from my hip and discomfort from my knee upon walking. He recommended walking for exercise and then icing the areas. My husband did have relief from his shoulder pain and his range of motion has improved but his shoulder injury is more involved and may require surgery at some point. Overall, we were glad to make the trip west. We continue to exercise and follow the nutrition recommendations and feel well. Dr. Bartosh’s philosophy that the body is capable of healing itself, is a belief that we also follow. Dr. Bartosh is very kind, caring and welcoming and is professional in his field of chiropractics and nutrition. Dr. Bartosh finished our day and half evaluation and treatments with a prayer, as God is central to the holistic well being for us all.

-Chris A, PA

5/15/12 For years I have struggled with breast fibroids and suffered with feelings of heaviness, extreme sensitivity to touch, and burning sensations to severe pain. I can honestly say that a day did not go by that I did not have some sort of pain in my breasts. So when Dr Bartosh recommended the Estronex test to determine if I was precancerous for breast cancer I jumped at the idea. I thought to have knowledge gives me power how to confront this problem. I did the urine test, took it in to Dr Bartosh, and within 2 weeks I received the test back. Out of the 3 tests 2 came back good and one not so good. The word cancer of course is very scary but Dr B quickly put me to rest with the steps I needed to take to correct this problem. Yes the test confirmed I was prone to get cancer but I did have the choice to make some changes. Dr B put me on an exercise program fitted to my lifestyle, gave me supplements to take and within the first day I stopped having pain in my breast. 2 days later I had a little heaviness and have not had any pain what so ever in my breast. And it’s been 3 weeks. I’m thrilled! I’m still taking the supplements and doing the exercises and in 3 months I want to be tested again.

I have in the past been to several medical doctors and not one of them has ever helped me. One doctor wanted to put me on osteoporosis medicine which I knew was not a good way to go and had it’s own problems and side effects.

I want to thank Dr Bartosh for his knowledge and giving me the answers I needed. I would recommend this test to every woman. Find out now and be pro-active about steps to make life enjoyable without fear and pain like I had.

Oakwood, IL.

August 25, 2011

Dear Dr Bartosh,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff for all you have done for me. I returned from my stay in my folks’ winter home in Arizona this past season feeling miserable. The constant pain with which I have suffered since 2009, triggered by a test I had at that time, had once again turned my life into a living nightmare from which there was no waking. Any set of new parents can empathize with the horrors prolonged sleep deprivation bring – but (hopefully) they do not have to also bear the burden of severe chronic back and pelvis pain brought on by the test I had. Many other people like me have suffered this, however, and do know of which I speak. [Unfortunately!] Other medical professionals have tried to help me over this period of time, some with more success than others. I wasn’t sure where to turn, and then your friend and colleague, Dr Terrence Moore, recommended I give you a call – and. I couldn’t be happier I did!

The success you have accomplished with the computer-assisted adjustment tool you have is astonishing! The pain-free days I have spent this past week is nigh onto miraculous – I didn’t even know a storm of the magnitude we had last night was even approaching. That is unheard of for someone like me with Osteopenia and Arthritis. [I have been “legendary” for being able to tell someone when bad weather is on its way – two or three days ahead of time!] So, thank you, Dr. Bartosh, for bring both your knowledge and techniques to our community. For surely both of them, together, are responsible for achieving such amazing results in such difficult cases, and great relief is what it is all about. Aahhhhhhh!

Keep up the great work, and God bless you and your fabulous staff!

All my very best, Adriene J Egger


9/1/11 Dr Bartosh is helping relieve the constant pain I have in my neck, back and shoulder from last back surgery in 2009, I find him a very knowledgeable and caring person, I would recommend his office highly. Vicki, his office mgr is very pleasant and helpful person. Lloyd Beherns

9/1/11 Dr. B has only worked with me a few times and Dr. B gets results. I can tell you after his treatment I was amazed at how much better I felt so quickly. Dr. B is concerned with you overall well being and health. He will lead you in the right direction and you will wish you would have gone to see him sooner! Barb

2/4/2011 Dr. Bartosh has helped me in so many ways. I always knew when I walked into the office that I was going to feel 100% better when I walked out. Whenever I needed to get in to be adjusted, they would tell me to come right in. I’ve never had to wait to be taken care of. You and your staff are wonderful. Catlin, IL

2/24/11 Dr. Bartosh came and spoke at a couple of our Mommy Connexion meetings @ Connexion Church. He was so knowledgeable and encouraging to our group of moms. He discussed several “real” topics with eating healthy and living well, it was great! We all left feeling like we had been informed and that we had learned something new! We can’t wait to have him back next year! Thanks Dr. Bartosh Bismarck, IL

2/24/11 I never felt as good as when I was a patient at your facility. Whenever I had a problem, be it big or small, I knew I could call your office and get an appointment almost as fast as I could get there. You and your staff were always very helpful and I really appreciated it.

Now because of insurance I can no longer get chiropractic care. So I get injections with the talk of surgery being my next option. I find it very depressing.

Whenever I get the chance to recommend someone to chiropractic care, I always tell them about you. Thank you Dr. Bartosh for the excellent care that you always gave me. Fairmount, IL

2/25/2011 “I have recently started the cleanse of toxins on my body!!! I checked in with Dr Bartosh today and was pleasantly surprised that I had also lost 5 pounds. This is just my 6 day of the 21 day Purification. I do not miss anything in the foods I can eat. The shakes that you have everyday are filled with fruit. I can honestly say that I have eaten more fruit in 6 days than in a month I think they taste better than smoothies. I would suggest everyone that wants to change their life style; they should just go for it!! I will let you know how my next check-up goes.” Danville, IL.

1/31/11 I would love to say thank you to Dr. Bartosh for helping my mother it is great to have her back she is not in as much pain anymore she is not depressed she is back to moving around rather it is around the house or getting out and about… She has more self-esteem…I would also like to thank my mother for going and giving you the chance to treat her. I believe people should go that extra mile for themselves because life is too short to live in pain. I would also like to add that when a person is in so much pain it does affect everyone around you. Thank you mom for giving Dr.Bartosh the chance to help you and us as a family. It is great to have you back and not so tired and in pain I love you. Thank You Dr. Bartosh. Danville, IL.

1/31/11 I also would like to thank you Dr. Bartosh for everything you have done for me and my mom. You took all the pain away for me and you had made my mom in less pain. You have given my mom back to us also given her grand kids there grandma back. She is happy and not so depressed. She is moving around so much better! She is almost like a new person. It’s great what you have done for her thank you so much. Thanks for talking me in to sending her wish I could have gotten her to go sooner.