Low Level Laser Therapy

Laser photobiomodulation therapy uses low levels of light to stimulate healing.   Laser light beams can stimulate the cells in the body that repair tissue, reduce inflammation and transmit pain.

Please enjoy this video about our new Erchonia FX-635 laser and see how it can eliminate your pain. It’s FDA approved for the treatment of chronic low back pain and plantar fasciitis.

The laser beam can stimulate function according to its intensity and the amount of time it’s applied. The beam is applied directly to the problem area with the intentions of decreasing pain or inflammation, promoting healing of wounds, tissues, and nerves, or for preventing tissue damage. Damaged cells have a physiological reaction that helps promote their regeneration.

It’s noninvasive, painless, and there’s no need for medication or other preparation. There are generally no side effects or reported adverse events.  While each session only takes a few minutes, it may take a series of treatments to gauge its effectiveness.

Please call our office at 217-431-2010 to schedule a visit and learn how low-level laser treatment can make your pain a thing of the past.

The information below reflects just a few of the success stories for Laser Therapy treatment by Dr. Bartosh at Pro-Active Wellness & Injury Centre.

Wound of Diabetic Healed

You may be aware of the effects of diabetes on wound healing. Diabetes can slow the healing process and a small wound can become limb or life-threatening. The photos below demonstrate the effectiveness of laser treatments on the wound of a 75-year old diabetic male.  This wound had been present for 10 days with no indication of healing. After only four treatments by Dr. Bartosh, the wound had closed and the patient’s risk of infection or even loss of limb was eliminated.

Burn Victim Uses Laser Therapy

The videos below show the remarkable power of laser treatments to promote healing. The first one shows remnants of second and third-degree burns which were a result of a gas fire the patient sustained over a year prior to the first treatment by Dr. Bartosh.  The second video demonstrates the healing abilities of the human body when benefited by laser therapy. Even though the damage to the skin was well over a year old, the body still responded in a positive manner. The lesson here is to never give-up when it comes to your health-your body never does!

Horse Aided by Benefits of Laser Therapy

Dr. Bartosh does not limit his care to humans. The three videos below depict an injured horse that also benefited from laser therapy. The videos show the horse before the treatment, immediately after, and at a later follow up.

If you’re interested in laser therapy, please contact our office to find out if it makes sense for you.