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Take Control Of Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, carries a high cost to your health.  It is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease and stroke, which are in the first and fifth positions for leading causes of death in the U.S.

The rising numbers of people suffering from hypertension were not lost on the pharmaceutical industry. An increasing number of drugs have been developed in the past decade to control blood pressure, but they come with a laundry list of side effects and adverse health problems of their own.

Instead, consider a significant number of natural options, including eliminating lifestyle choices that trigger hypertension and choosing alternative methods that reduce your blood pressure.  Whether you have high blood pressure and want to manage it naturally or are looking to learn techniques for prevention, I can help.

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Optimizing Your Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system works in a similar way as the circulatory system that pumps blood throughout the blood via the blood vessels. However, instead of carrying blood, the lymphatic vessels carry lymph fluid through the body. Lymph contains a high number of white blood cells called lymphocytes that work to target and destroy damaged or abnormal cells from the body. This process works to keep the body free of bacteria, viruses, illness, and disease.
Watch this video to learn how important the lymphatic system is and what you can do to improve yours. It’s vital to achieving the best performance of your life!!

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Stroke Prevention & Education

Since strokes are so prevalent but yet can be prevented, we’re wanting to make this information available to those not having the opportunity to view it during the webcast. In this presentation Dr Bartosh shares information about strokes and steps you can take that will keep you from becoming another statistic as well as help you enjoy “the best performance of your life!”

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Calm Your Anxiety

Please click the picture below to hear Dr. Bartosh discuss how to calm your anxiety.  He will cover the forces of our daily lives that impact our stress levels plus how we can control our anxiety with healthy and natural choices.  He’ll review foods that can help or hinder our psyche as well as what to look for within our own environment that may be affecting our emotional well-being.

Here are the tests referred to by Dr. Bartosh in the “Calm Your Anxiety” presentation:
• Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)
• Free serum thyroxine (fT4)
• Free triiodothyroine (fT3)
• Reverse T3 (rT3)
• Anti-thyroglobulin antibodies (anti-TG)
• Anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies (anti-TPO)
Anything less than these for testing the thyroid is simply unacceptable.

The Dangers Of Candida

Dr. Bartosh discusses how impactful Candida overgrowth can be on your body and shares natural ways to heal your gut. He’ll explain exactly what Candida is and describe the various types. You’ll learn about the symptoms and causes of Candida overgrowth. Dr. Bartosh will cover the conditions and illnesses that have been linked to Candidiasis. Foods that improve your gut health as well as those to avoid are reviewed, plus steps for natural treatment.
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Click the photo below to hear Dr. Bartosh explain the details of a Keto diet plan.

Click the picture below to hear Dr. Bartosh discuss the details of the Paleo diet.