Sports Injuries

Our greatest joy comes in seeing the athletes we’ve helped exceed what they once thought was their best performance. In our quest to provide unparalleled care for the athletes we serve, we continually endeavor to increase our knowledge of the human body.

For over 30 years Dr. Bartosh has been involved in the world of sports and currently employs over 16 different specialties to improve sports performance and enhance injury recovery. Current and past certifications include; Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, Clinical Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, Rehabilitation, Active Release Technique, Nimmo, and the list goes on. These specialties by themselves could be “stand alone” techniques but instead, he has combined the “best of the best” of these disciplines to create the services he currently offers. And, as a “professional student” of human performance and sports injury recovery, Dr. Bartosh is always pursuing new information and breakthroughs to incorporate into his current regime.

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The testimonials below are from athletes that have experienced the benefits of treatment at Pro-Active Wellness & Injury Centre

Three years ago, due to a bulging disc pressing on the L4 nerve of my lower back, I suffered severe nerve and muscle damage to my right leg. As an endurance runner, I was motivated, and able to recover enough to resume long distance running. However, I was left with numbness and reduced performance abilities in my lower leg. Those conditions have persisted for the past two and a half years, leaving me with the belief that these issues were permanent. During my initial consultation with Dr Bartosh, I learned that this was not necessarily the case. I began treatment with him only 2 weeks before a planned race. A rugged, challenging 42K trail race held in Gila County, Arizona. I was encouraged by Dr. Bartosh’s confidence in not only addressing the numbness I’ve experienced, but also by his optimism that he could correct the performance issues I’ve experienced. I am elated to say that not only am I seeing improvement in the numbness I’ve experienced, but I completed the difficult race over and hour faster than I did one year ago. It was clear to me that I was more coordinated and more confident in handling the rough terrain of the race. These improvements came from only a few visits with Dr. Bartosh. I have no doubt that the longer term plan he has for me will help achieve results that I once thought impossible. I have an extremely high level of comfort with, and confidence in Dr. Bartosh’s ability to help me heal and recover.

We share this for the benefit of athletes and for anyone who wants to stay active – period.

This North Carolina resident came to us on Friday, March the 24th, due to an injury that had prevented him from running for the past three months.  His goal had been to run the Boston Marathon on April 17th, which, since he was injured and hadn’t run in three months, seemed improbable, highly unlikely, and just down-right crazy!

His injury was addressed, his body responded, and now we’ll let him share what happened in the twenty-three days following up to, and including, the Boston Marathon!

The moral of the story- your body is “fearfully and wonderfully made”!  Get the right care and never give up!

 Matt Borland Running Injury and Recovery 2023

Past Running History
2019       61 miles
2020       584 miles
2021       1707 miles
2022       2171 miles
2023       245 miles so far, injured January 15th…

Injury Leadup
3- 50 mile weeks leading up to injury
Jan 14th – started a run, 1 mile in felt something small, finished a slow 10 miles and later an 8 mile
Jan 15th – went 13 miles and strength workout, felt ok
Jan 16th  – small issue still there, ran a slow 4 miles that evening
That week ran only 9 miles total
Next week 20 miles
Next week 9 miles
Next week 36 miles and ran an 18 mile run at the end of the week, felt ok, and 3 hours later felt worse than it ever did (Feb 11th)
Past week 0 miles running, 20 on bike, 10 miles hiking
Been to one PT 2x, one PT 1x and talked to one 1x, recommended a chiropractor, went once.
All have helped temporarily (5-10 minutes), but symptom came back pretty quickly.  This last time, the needling seemed to make it worse after the initial improvement.
February 19th – It’s still worse than it started out on Jan 16th.
Originally running made it worse, rest was better, after the 18 miler, its been bad even without running.
Worst pain is loading the leg vertically, ie standing on one leg or jogging/running or sitting for a few minutes with foot on the ground and foot rotated out and then just trying to barely lift it.
Completely right leg, hip area down to mid thigh, knee has been fine.
Haven’t been hurt in almost 2 years, previous injury felt like the same and same leg, previous one about a year before that.  Not sure if same leg but felt the same.

Dr. Bartosh Visit and Help (March 24th and 25th)
Spent first 15 minutes just looking at me while I relaxed on table.
Diagnosis as I remember it…
Left leg overuse abuse
Left ankle a mess
Right ankle a mess
Damage in Right Achilles
ACL and MCL tears in Right knee
Meniscus partially misplaced in Right knee

Spent the day with the doctor on alignment and recovery methods.
Ran 2 miles that night easy and it felt pretty good.
Came in the next morning and looked everything over and it was determined everything had stayed in place.
Worked on recovery methods for another half of a day.

Rehab Prescription
6 days of pool running, followed by 6 mile, 12 mile and 18 mile run leading into Boston in 3 weeks.
Natural NSAIDS twice a day, 1 tsp Pink Himalayan Sea Salt once a day, 1 magnesium pill twice a day
No soft drinks
Eat right…superfood diet
Dr. Adjusted prescription…1 1/2 more weeks of pool running, no road running
Patient Adjusted prescription…added 1- 6 mile run the week before the race for confidence

Pool running was fantastic, great workout, low impact, waist height water had small leg impacts, chest height water had insignificant leg impacts, great hip workout.
6 mile run went well- felt great, first run where I could let my legs go.
No warmup runs for Boston Marathon
Finished the Boston Marathon in 3:25 with almost no running for 3 months leading into it.  Felt good after the race.  12 minutes slower than my PR.  Definitely ran it a little more conservative that previous year, just due to fear of something going wrong.
Had definitely lost some aerobic capacity and/or leg strength from my peak, due to 3 months of inactivity, but was probably 90% there and no injury afterwards.
Ran a half marathon a week and a half later.  All good.
Big THANK YOU to Dr. Bartosh!


Competitive Ultra Runner Averts Knee Surgery 


A competitive ultra-runner from Birmingham Ala. talks about his success in dealing with a knee problem for which he had been suffering for nearly 2 years. Seeking medical advice he was told that surgery would likely be necessary but following the suggestion of a friend he chose to see a doctor in Danville, IL which resulted in great success! He explains that he was able to return to running over five miles the day after being treated by Dr. Robert A Bartosh of Pro-Active Wellness & Injury Centre in Danville IL after not being hardly able to walk for two weeks prior to receiving care.

Click here to view his testimonial.

Good evening. This is Chris and Kelli Pinkerton and we wanted to share this tweet that was posted on January 29, 2021. Thanks to your laser treatments on Logan’s wrist and prayers he has been able to accomplish one of his biggest basketball goals which was to reach 1000 points! As of today February 25, 2021 he now has 1131 points. Covington has missed several games due to COVID or his total points would be much higher! Logan said you were a miracle worker and we have to agree! We are very grateful for all your help with his healing. Thank you again! 
Chris, Kelli & Logan Pinkerton

 Covington Basketball on Twitter

What a success story!  The information below is from when Logan was originally treated at Pro-Active Wellness.




Logan suffered a proximal end scaphoid fracture of his right wrist from getting hit by a soccer ball at close range.  It was 8-weeks before the fracture was realized and a cast was put on.  An Orthopedic Doctor recommended surgery which would include inserting a screw and a bone graft.

This would have kept Logan from starting the basketball season on time.  He was devastated at the thought of not being able to play the season. His grades dropped, and he was mad all the time. This took a toll on the family until going to see Dr. Bob.


Logan was ecstatic to say the least. He started basketball practice on the first day with the rest of his team.  He has learned so much from Dr. Bartosh, such as having a positive attitude and the importance of nutrition.

His Mom has been a Registered Nurse for 27 years and her testimonial about her son is remarkable.  “I am 100% convinced that the power of prayer, the amino acids and the laser treatments received at Pro-Active Wellness healed his wrist. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with an injury. Thank you, Dr. Bob, for everything you have done for my son.”



Here’s the leg of a most competitive and outstanding high school athlete that hobbled into our centre with her ankle in a boot.

She had a high-grade ankle sprain and partial tearing of the anterior talofibular ligament as well as a sprain of the calcaneofibular ligament and contusions of the medial malleolus and the deltoid ligament.  In other words…her ankle was messed up and her chances of playing volleyball into the finals nonexistent!

After the care she received, which included the FX635 laser, she’s out of the boot and back into participating in Dance, Cheer, and…wait for it… competing in state finals in Volleyball!

You go young lady!!







Our new FX635 eliminating low back pain experienced by a high school athlete. It can do the same for you!