Clients describe their improvement following treatment by Dr. Bartosh.

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After learning I had a torn meniscus a friend recommended Dr. Bartosh to me. Another doctor recommended surgery, but I knew I was interested in other treatment options first. I’m so thankful I learned about Dr. Bartosh because after his treatment plan I am able to do all the things I either couldn’t do or did so with pain. I am now pain free when I run and exercise. I also have over 30 years of healthcare experience and can confidently say that Dr. Bartosh is professional, has great patient-care skills, and is extremely knowledgeable in many areas; he definitely knows the body!

Kasey Moore

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in November 2020, a client describes their dramatic improvement following treatment at Pro-Active Wellness which included Chiropractic Adjustments, Nutrition, and Low Level Laser Therapy.

Symptoms November 2020

  • Left side weakness
  • Affected gate (foot dragging)
  • Arm Drawn up on left side
  • Hip pain daily
  • Reduced reaction time (when driving)
  • Slow movements
  • Increased Salivating
  • Stuttering
  • Slower thought process
  • Sleep affected (cannot stay asleep)
  • Falls asleep while talking during daytime hours
  • Body Stiffness
  • Unable to do tasks with hands that has been done for years because brain can’t seem to tell the hand what to do
  • Melancholy mood
  • Internal tremors
  • Anxiety

Symptoms May 2021 after treatment that began January 2021

  • Left side weakness – much better
  • Affected date (foot dragging) mostly normal, only happens when overly tired
  • Arm Drawn up on left side – mostly normal, only happens when overly tired
  • Hip Pain Daily – completely gone
  • Reduced Reaction Time – mostly gone
  • Slow movements – gone
  • Increased Salivating – still working on this one
  • Stuttering – completely gone
  • Slower thought process –  completely gone
  • Sleep affected – still working on this one
  • Body Stiffness –mostly gone unless overly tired
  • Tasks with hands – better but still working on it
  • Melancholy mood – completely gone
  • Internal Tremors – gone
  • Anxiety – much better except in certain situations

This client also takes a medication for Parkinson’s.  He started out at a dose of 1 mg. He decreased to .75, then to .50, and is now down to .25.  He is doing great as he reduces this medication, and he is looking forward to getting completely off of it.

5 Years of Chronic Pain, GONE!!! Thank you Dr. Bartosh for taking dedicated time and pursuit into finding the root cause of what was truly going on inside of my body. I am amazed every day when I wake up and I am not in pain anymore. I can now play with my 2 boys and they are loving having a healthy momma who does not fear everyday tasks anymore. Since traveling out for treatment I have run 3 times in one week, which I have not been able to run in 5 years. I took my son to a trampoline park and actually played and jumped with him. I now cry tears of joy because of how free I feel and how I view life again. I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and time you took with my body. You are a true Doctor who is dedicated to seeing your patients set free from the pain that they are suffering from. It’s a wonderful feeling to be pain free and to live life again without fear! My family cannot thank you enough for giving them their momma and wife back again!

Laura Antis – March 9, 2021


A client reviews her path to wellness through care at Pro-Active Wellness & Injury Centre. She shares the struggles she was experiencing how treatment from Dr. Bartosh improved her quality of life!

She refused to accept the option of surgery that was being suggested and instead opted for treatment from Dr. Bartosh. Please view her story to see how it may also be possible for you to achieve “The Best Performance of Your Life”!

A message from a client:

I just want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for all our “Monday conversations” that we had in the last several months. Your kindness goes beyond words. I found it hard to believe that I could actually call a doctor and have a normal conversation with him the way we did. Your advice has been so very helpful and has cause the acid reflux that I suffered from for so long to almost disappear. I feel healthier and happier thanks to you. So thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


Another client shares her success story!  Here are some before and after pictures I wanted to share with you. I began all supplements July 27th. I had been having weekly if not daily flares like the pictures on the left side for about 6 months. The picture on the right side shows the drastic improvement in such a short time.

The first time I ever had a vasculitis flare was back in 2006. At that point it was once every few months. As the years went on it would come and go as I went through medications and treatments. The past couple of years is when it started flaring more consistently but it has never been consistently THIS bad. The week I started taking the supplements it DRASTICALLY went down. I have had one tiny minor flare since August 5th.

I also would like to thank you Dr. Bartosh for everything you have done for me and my mom. You took all the pain away for me and my my mom has significantly less pain. You have given my mom back to us and also given her grand kids their grandma back. She is happy and not so depressed. She is moving around so much better! She is almost like a new person. It’s great what you have done for her.  Thank you so much. Thanks for talking me in to sending her, wish I could have gotten her to go sooner.

Denise R.

Dr Bartosh is helping relieve the constant pain in my neck, back and shoulder that are a result of back surgery in 2009.  I find him a very knowledgeable and caring person and I would recommend his office highly. His office manager is a very pleasant and helpful person.

Barb T.

Dr. B has only worked with me a few times and Dr. B gets results. I can tell you after his treatment I was amazed at how much better I felt so quickly. Dr. B is concerned with your overall well being and health. He will lead you in the right direction and you will wish you would have gone to see him sooner!

Lloyd B.

Dr. Bartosh came and spoke at a couple of our Mommy Connexion meetings @ Connexion Church. He was so knowledgeable and encouraging to our group of moms. He discussed several “real” topics with eating healthy and living well, it was great! We all left feeling like we had been informed and that we had learned something new! We can’t wait to have him back next year! Thanks

Melissa, Bismarck, IL

Dr. Bartosh has helped me in so many ways. I always knew when I walked into the office that I was going to feel 100% better when I walked out. Whenever I needed to get in to be adjusted, they would tell me to come right in. I’ve never had to wait to be taken care of. You and your staff are wonderful.

Paul, Catlin, IL

I never felt as good as when I was a patient at your facility. Whenever I had a problem, be it big or small, I knew I could call your office and get an appointment almost as fast as I could get there. You and your staff were always very helpful and I really appreciated it.

Whenever I get the chance to recommend someone to chiropractic care, I always tell them about you. Thank you Dr. Bartosh for the excellent care that you always gave me.

Susan, Fairmount, IL

I have recently started the cleanse of toxins on my body!!! I checked in with Dr Bartosh today and was pleasantly surprised that I had also lost 5 pounds. This is just my 6th day of the 21 day Purification. I do not miss anything in the foods I can eat. The shakes that you have everyday are filled with fruit. I can honestly say that I think they taste better than smoothies. I would suggest everyone that wants to change their life style; they should just go for it!! I will let you know how my next check-up goes.

Ruth, Danville, IL

I would love to say thank you to Dr. Bartosh for helping my mother. It is great to have her back.  She is not in as much pain anymore and she is not depressed.  She is back to moving around the house or getting out and about… She has more self-esteem…I would also like to thank my mother for going and giving you the chance to treat her. I believe people should go that extra mile for themselves because life is too short to live in pain. I would also like to add that when a person is in so much pain it does affect everyone around you. Thank you mom for giving Dr.Bartosh the chance to help you and us as a family. It is great to have you back and not so tired and in pain I love you. Thank You Dr. Bartosh.

Lisa, Danville, IL

I couldn’t wait to thank you for everything you have taught us in the past couple years when it comes to our health. We recently welcomed our first child! It was a long 24 hour labor but I am so happy to tell you that I did it all without drugs and I have you to thank for that! My entire pregnancy went so smoothly and I took it so seriously, taking all the supplements you have informed us about and jumping on my mini trampoline EVERYDAY. I felt so good after delivery from not having any drugs and I am already back to my original weight.

Our son was so alert after delivery as well and has been eating and sleeping like a champ!  I had absolutely no swelling due to you informing me about jumping everyday! We cannot wait to bring the newest member of the family to you for his yearly check up and we just wanted to say thank you for being such a wonderful Doctor to our family! Thanks Dr. Bartosh!

Sincerely, Matt & Lara