Bethany Burt

After spending many years in chronic pain and constant fatigue I found Proactive Wellness & Injury Centre. Dr. Bartosh helped me get to the root cause of my pain and worked with me on a personalized plan for my health.  Along with Dr. B’s wisdom and brilliant techniques at the centre, I now know and believe I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I am made to be well. I can enjoy life to the fullest! I have a beautiful, thriving marriage and a joyful, healthy son. I can enjoy the things I never thought I could like hiking and an active lifestyle I only ever dreamed of prior to this healed life.

I am honored to represent Proactive Wellness as the Community Relations Director. I love speaking to anyone and everyone who will listen about the wonderful services and opportunities for health and achieving the best performance of your life. I truly desire this whole and healthy lifestyle for every person! You and your family deserve to live the life God intended you to have and at Proactive Wellness, we can help you achieve that