Kidney Problems

Through our years of clinical experience, we have accumulated an in-depth knowledge of caring for chronic kidney disease and have adopted a rigorous approach which has demonstrated great success. Care quality is the hallmark of Pro-Active Wellness & Injury Centre for each individual, which is delivered through giving attention to detail at every step of the treatment journey.

Most Chronic Kidney Diseases in the U.S. have one of two causes: type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure—or both at the same time. These two health problems cause 70% of all kidney failure in the United States as well as cause heart disease and strokes.  Another 20% are plagued with kidney stones.

For those with CKD or those with kidney stones we may use Chinese Medicine or other nutraceuticals only.  For others it may be necessary to add low level laser treatments, specific computer driven low-force chiropractic adjustments, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  In short, whatever is determined to best serve you – and all the while constantly monitoring the effectiveness of our treatment modalities by closely tracking the progress of each individual.

Our objectives when engaged with kidney disorders is to focus on:

1) Kidney health including structure integrity and function
2) Microcirculation of the capillary tubes in the kidney
3) Filtration efficiency
4) Mineral balance
5) Maintain proper pH of the blood and urine
6) Bladder health
7) Blood detoxification
8) Frequent and uncontrollable urination

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