We must reflect on all characteristics of our human framework in order to understand the personal transformation and self-esteem development. By analyzing the body, one can start to understand more about the unexplained transformations that take place in certain people.

Take for example a young child that you know. At first, the child may have seemed friendly and sociable. At what time puberty starts however, the child changes his or her way of thinking changes and the child’s behaviors become insubordinate and problematic. His semi-matured attitude has reflected on others through his or her demeanor and behaviors.

The child all of sudden starts to puzzle everyone around him, including his or her parents. What are taking place in this child are cycles of changes that involve the child overcoming many barriers to break the chain of reaction that leads him or her to maturity. The puberty phase is perhaps one of the most challenging transformations that body will confront in its lifetime. The transformations occurring here cause a new person to form. The body is changing while chemical reactions are obsessively taking place. Hormones for example are starting to form and alter its productive methods.

In addition, the body is prepped by the change, since it is preparing to reproduce through the series of transformations. The process is the child’s insurance that helps him or her to endure the changes in life. During this transformation, phase the child’s organs, such as the lung and heart start to developing. Sometimes the developmental rate speeds up, tripling its rate in some instances.

The child’s thyroids located in the region of the neck commence the process of enlarging. The thyroids are the glands that form as endocrines. It is responsible for assisting the endocrine system whereas hormones are produced. This system is a specialized organ that makes up body tissues, which produce, stores, and secretes chemical substances, we all know as hormones.

While the enlargement change is taking place, the chest’s thymus begins to reduce in size. During this transformation, the thymus evaporates. The muscles start to solidify, which deposits of fats start to form new prototypes. The development of soften cartilages form, which at this time the growth phase takes hold.

In time the growth phase stops after permeates of calcium forms that transmit to the cartilages. Many transformations occur during this growing phase, but once it stops, many other dramatic changes take place. The bones become hard while the skin takes on a new change. The child’s fat glands start to activate, which affects the oily secretions that increase, enlarging the pores. Aging signs develop during this change. We see this when children have acne problems.

By understanding the body’s changes, we can work in harmony with the body to help it make transformations effectively. At this time, one must stay physically active and prepared to perform other healthy tasks to grow healthy.

Since the hormones are also going through active changes, it is important to understand what takes place in the body to assist the transformations with finishing its natural duty. First, the pituitary gland is responsible for triggering puberty. What are occurring are natural changes in the body, yet these changes are often interrupted because many people lack knowledge that helps them to understand and manage the transformations. Instead, they fight against nature, which leads them to other problems.

What is taking place during hormonal changes is the production of other hormones, including the HgH or the human growth hormone, as well as other hormonal productions. By helping your child understand the changes in the body, you can avoid meeting that mutinous or insubordinate teenager that we all have meet at one time.


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