This is an amazing opportunity for an outgoing and energetic individual, interested in growing personally and financially by helping others feel better and promote the best performance of their life.

As a clinic assistant you will work 15 – 20 hours a week, (Part time) speaking with and instructing past and future patients with health care decisions and training, geared toward bettering their lives, using multilevel dynamic wellness approaches provided at Pro-Active Wellness & Injury Centre.

This opportunity is in Danville, IL. and does require at least 1years’ experience and a certification or degree in a related healthcare specialty.

Required Qualifications:
High School diploma or GED
Certification or degree in a healthcare specialty
Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time
Ability to communicate clearly and professionally in person and over the phone
Basic computer skills including Web, Email, and Microsoft office programs
Ability to encourage accountability of clients and patients
Promote the philosophy of Pro-Active Wellness
Possess a strong ability to create, plan, and achieve goals
An ability to remain calm and professional during difficult or challenging moments, i.e., patient upset
Possess the ability to manage multiple projects and meet deadlines