March 2024 marked a milestone of sorts: It’s the fourth anniversary of the start of America’s unprecedented pandemic lockdowns. This is a good time to reflect on the status of your own health and whether or not you’re prepared for the next national emergency. After all, we learned that certain freedoms can be taken away at any time during an emergency.

During the pandemic research highlighted how some people fared better than others due to their overall health, and the status of certain nutrients in their bodies. Research also identified the supplemental nutrients that helped fight the disease after contracting it. Reviewing some of these findings can help us prepare for the next emergency.

The forced closures in the U.S. began on March 6, 2020 when the mayor of Austin, Texas, announced that he was invoking emergency powers to shut down the technology and arts festival known as South by Southwest. That Friday evening declaration was just the beginning. A week later, the lockdowns were in full force across the country with every mayor, county supervisor and governor suddenly discovering new powers they never previously had.

On March 12 President Donald Trump went on nationwide television to announce he was stopping all travel in and out of U.S. borders. American citizens—who have understood for 250 years they have a constitutional right to enter and exit the country with a basic border check—were told they would need to return to the U.S. by Monday or be stuck wherever they happened to be. It should be noted that prior to this no American president had ever been recognized as possessing the power to issue global travel restrictions—except for those times when Congress had officially declared war on another country.

Rather than questioning the authoritarian move, America’s mainline media lamented the fact that the president couldn’t be even more dictatorial. Some even praised the brutal Covid-fighting tactics of the communist government in China, and wished America could copy their harsh measures.

Soon after Trump’s declaration, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a classified document—which was only released to the public months later—that officially initiated the lockdowns. Strangely, the document still does not exist on any government website today. Apparently the bureaucrats who pushed it through do not want it scrutinized; however, a PDF copy can be downloaded from  The name of the file is HHS-Trumplockdownorder.pdf

Did President Trump even read the 103-page order before implementing it? How about the 535 members of the two branches of congress? Apparently only a few did the entire document.

In the four years that have passed statements made at press conferences, in numerous lawsuits, and in congressional hearings have demonstrated that most elected officials were clueless as to the lack of science and numerous assumptions permeating the document. The handful of congressmen and senators who opposed lockdowns were roundly criticized for “wanting to kill children and senior.” The criticism came from both an orchestrated media and fellow politicians of both mainstream political parties.

Right from the get-go the “two weeks to flatten the curve” theory proved to be flawed, however, was repeatedly extended. And the areas of America with the absolute power to enforce the strictest lockdowns—America’s Indian Reservations—were quickly shown to be the very areas with the highest Covid death rates.

When the new president, Joe Biden, took office the vaccine promises he made proved as fleeting as lockdown promises. Not only did vaccines not “quickly end the pandemic” as promised, the president’s claim of 98% efficacy changed to 90%, then 80%, then 50%, then disappeared from the news. In the end the media told us that, even if the vaccine didn’t protect against contracting Covid, it would at least help you weather it better if you did.

Notwithstanding President Biden’s vilification of anyone who didn’t get a vaccine, it was also later proven that the Covid vaccine didn’t prevent transmission of the disease to other people.

Not to be outdone in pushing narratives that turned out to be false, America’s top health official, Dr. Anthony Fauci, assured the masses that standing six feet apart would help stop the Covid spread. It would take four years to prove this was also disinformation. Testifying before congress in January 2024, Fauci admitted the six-foot rule was not based on any research, but “sort of just appeared.”

So, with this kind of “science” the entire country was forced into lockdowns, social distancing, and vaccination. Many areas resisted, with some states and counties becoming islands of freedom, but everyone suffered forced compliance to some degree or another.

These attacks on traditional American freedoms is something that didn’t even happen in the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic—a health disaster of much higher proportions.

There are two important lessons everyone should have learned from the chaos of 2020: First, people with nutrient deficiencies who contracted Covid suffered worse outcomes. Secondly, anyone can be denied health services and supplies during emergencies.

With this in mind, a review of the research conducted during the Covid pandemic can provide a “critical nutrients” guideline to help prepare for the next pandemic. Here is a small sampling of what’s been learned:

Zero Covid mortality could be reached if everyone had Vitamin D levels optimized to at least 50ng/ml.

The quality of the gut bacteria influences Covid-19 severity.

Vitamin C is just a vitamin in the US but is a treatment for coronavirus in Asia.

B-vitamins immune benefits include Covid-19 protection.

Need incentive to lose weight?  Covid risk is higher for overweight individuals.

Research highlights two surprising nutrients that help battle Covid: Selenium and Omega 3s.

Taking acid blockers greatly increases Covid risk.

There’s a link between Vitamin K2 deficiency and Covid-19 mortality.

“DMB” supplement combo reduces Covid-19 severity in Singaporean study (Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Vitamin B12).

Clinical studies support antiviral effects of Echinacea extract in relation to Covid-19.

Resveratrol cuts hospitalization rate for Covid outpatients.

Beta glucan, a little-known immune nutrient, has been shown to protect against Covid-19.

After reading this list you may realize that it reveals information you might consider, should we ever encounter a similar circumstance.  Better yet- why wait for a health problem to arise before taking action?  It’s much wiser and beneficial to live a life-style that is “proactive” rather than “reactive”- especially when your goal is to enjoy “the best performance of your life!”

God bless,