Anyone who has ever primped in front of a mirror before the big date or job interview knows that being good looking does not necessarily feel good. Women especially time and again compromise comfort for shoes that seem to elevate them higher and higher, dresses that appear to get shorter and shorter, while guys will settle for designer tennis shoes that are entirely unfit for any kind of exercise, much less a game of tennis! Yet fashion is a societal mindset and for any one individual it is very hard to swim against the current and to dress sensibly – to this end, take your chiropractor to the catwalk and dare to oppose today’s fashion notions! Your feet, neck, and spine will thank you!

Take for example the biggest fashion no-no – from a chiropractic point of view – namely the high heeled shoe. There is most likely not a woman in this country who does not own at least one pair of these monstrosities, and yet chiropractors warn that while they might look pretty if properly paired with a dress, they wreak havoc on the spine and also the feet.

As concerns the spine, many a chiropractor warns that even brief periods of wearing them negatively affects the musculoskeletal system to such an extent as to cause the curvature of the spine to increase its forward position while at the same time forcing the pelvis to also move forward and upward. Obviously, the center of gravity in a body thusly affected is changed, which once again needs to be compensated for by the rest of the spine, thus leaving the back in a sore state of consistent overextension and pain.

Furthermore, chiropractors point out that the human body was made to stand on flat feet for the healthiest condition of the back and neck. Of course, some fashion mavens will seek to completely disregard this advice and instead continue to put their backs at risk on a daily basis, but you do not have to be one of them! Chiropractors point out that there are a number of very stylish flat heeled shoes available that will look just as pretty on the feet of a woman wearing a beautiful dress as high heels.

While it is impossible to persuade everyone, chiropractors hope that they will be able to at least reach their patients and by extension those who are interested in the overall and continued health of their spines and related musculoskeletal systems.

Of course, if high heels make a chiropractor cringe, tight clothes will pretty much deepen this feeling. While at face value tight clothes do not appear to have any impact on your back’s ill or good health, the truth of the matter is that everyday activities are severely impacted by tight clothes.

For example, with a comfortable pair of paints you will be able to bend over straight with little problem, but with an excessively tight pair you will not only not be able to bend straight down, but you might twist and turn precariously to make up for the fact that bending has become so much harder. This, in turn, will adversely affect your posture which will have serious effects on your spine and thus your overall health. To this end, chiropractors everywhere warn that high heels and overly tight clothes should be a thing of the past!


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