We are encouraged to think light on our feet. In addition, we are encouraged to make personal transformation that gives us three essential qualities required in today’s workplace. These qualities include perseverance, determination, and focus. A person that is focused on what he wants, and has his mind set in achieving it. A person determined will not put off his or her responsibilities. This person does not suffer from setbacks and discouragement often. The person who perseveres does not give up on his work until he/she achieves his goal.

If you have tried in stopping an ant but without killing it, you will easily see that the creature has some qualities that a person must have. You cannot stop the ant from trying to get around, go under or over whatever obstacles they encounter in its way. If you put an ant on a sealed jar, you will notice that it will try to find its way out by moving anywhere until it lies dead. Ants

Provide the right example of perseverance, determination and focus at work.

Think Like An Ant

If a person would just try to accept the attitude of the ants, any impede or challenges that one will bump into could never stop him or her from achieving you goals.

Continued Learning

As long as a person is breathing, he or she must never cease from learning. There is a saying, “the more I know, the more I forget.” Some people say that their hunger for knowledge stops when they graduate at a university. An entity who thinks in such a way would unquestionably linger as an underachiever for the rest of his despondent life. One can analyze others around them and compare the ones that have continued learning to the ones that think that learning ends after school and see that they continue in life living unhappy.

For this reason, personal transformation is encouraged backed by continuous learning, so that one can maximize his or her full potential. We all must do our best to become better in all aspects of our life.

When times are tough, we must stay focused and never surrender. Staying focused allows us to continue putting our best foot forward. Perhaps you tried to make personal transformations by using some methods that failed, but continue employing a winning attitude to succeed the next time. Keep going right back, make some adjustments, until you succeed.

We must remember that someone else is capable of succeeding our ability. Remember what Arthur Ashe said, “Success is a journey, not a destination”. You are on a never-ending journey of learning, vocation, discipline and pursuit for higher knowledge.

Live Without Worry

Worry is something we all do. Worry robs us of natural energy, and makes our life a living hell. For this reason, we must repeat each day – “Sufficient for each day, for no man knows what tomorrow will bring.” We all have the inner strength to control worry through prayer. Many things could trigger worry to people such as, family problems, financial difficulties and even your love life. Sometimes, people worry a lot that it already affects our performance and even our behavior. If we allow worry to overwhelm our lives, we forget our chief purpose, and that is to continue learning and making personal transformations.

It is not proper that you will bring your family problems at work. It will affect your work because of your problems and you upset other people that make you more worried. Try to leave all you domestic problems at home, and try to focus on your work at your office or anywhere you are going before you leave your house.


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